About Us


Within a few clicks find the most suitable property for you, your vacation or your business.

Receiving advice from the top professionals in the country.

Have access to the best specialists in mortgage financing for private individuals or real estate developers

Ensure a transparent, efficient acquisition process that aims to safeguard security and trust in the transaction.

About us

Nolon is a real estate agent selling a wide range of properties. Residential and Non-Residential.

Established within FS Capital Partners Group, a leading player in the Iberian market of Servicing and Real Estate, with over 15 years of experience managing real estate loans.

This reality enables Nolon to prospect a wide diversity of real estate properties within a network of local commercial partners, thus serving a wide range of clients throughout the entire national market.

This diversity and geographical range of properties, as well as the proximity with the main Financial Institutions, allows us to establish partnerships with experts in the loan and mortgage industry through our financial specialist Twinkloo, a mortgage broker that assists and helps our clients to find the best mortgage solutions best suited to their needs.