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Within a few clicks find the most suitable property for you, your vacation or your business.

Receiving advice from the top professionals in the country.

Have access to the best specialists in mortgage financing for private individuals or real estate developers

Ensure a transparent, efficient acquisition process that aims to safeguard security and trust in the transaction.

About us

Nolon is a European brand used in the in the commercialization of all types of properties (Residential and Non-Residential), belonging to Finsolutia, S.A. - FS Capital Partners Group, holder of license AMI 10832 and one of the largest credit and real estate asset servicers in the Iberian Peninsula, which has over 15 years of experience in credit and property management.

This connection proves to be extremely important in fundraising a wide variety of properties, which through a network of local commercial partners, allows us to serve different kinds of customers all over the country.

Twinkloo Credit Intermediary is a company specialized in obtaining credit solutions from financial institutions (www.twinkloo.pt) and it is also part of the FS Capital Partners Group.